a personalized plan

college can be a testing time for people that love the Lord. things are chaotic and busy and distracting and wonderful and exciting and scary and overwhelming. but its hard to imagine what it would be like without Him. he does so much that we don’t even acknowledge. we don’t appreciate him as much as we should. I’ve heard some people say that ‘God can be put on the back burner in college.’ it is sad that that is possible. he is everything, the Almighty. he rules the world, every breath we take, every thought we think. how can someone like that be put on the back burner? the Lord is graceful. he loves us even when we ignore him. even when we know in our hearts that we are doing things he wouldn’t approve of. we should be doing everything in our power to please Him. spending time with him, talking and praying, reading the bible. but we have to follow through too, act that way on thursday, friday and saturday nights. God wants all of us, not just the us that goes to class and bible study. i need to crave the feeling of God being proud of me. i want to  thirst for him and need His guidance in every situation. i need to depend on Him, follow His path for me.

college is a time to be selfish. focus on YOU. the Lord will be focused on you too. give Him the attention He deserves. He gave so much to us—we are here-in college! He made it all happen for us. it was His plan all along. He knew we would choose this university, this major, this greek organization, this roommate. He chose this path specifically for me. 

WOAH. a personalized plan from the Lord. that is pretty incredible when you consider all the people He makes plans for. but each one of them is special and perfectly planned. 

Lord- help me to trust your plan. help me to take comfort in the fact that you personally made this path for me and me alone. help me to be okay with it if it changes, to put my faith in you even if i fall. help me to grow stronger in faith and love as i trust you with my life. you know what is best for me. i will be your HANDS AND FEET Lord. you are the reason i am here, and i am thankful for all you have provided. you created beautiful life for me and i can’t wait to see where this journey takes me. help me to acknowledge your presence along side me, the entire way.